What is Olympic Weightlifting?


What is Olympic Weightlifting?

Olympic Weightlifting is NOT bodybuilding and it is NOT powerlifting. Though both of these involve lifting weights, Olympic weightlifting is skill-based around a combination of strength speed, power, flexibility, accuracy, and balance.  Powerlifting requires you to move the bar a short distance, whereas Olympic lifting requires you to move the bar from the ground to overhead in a full standing position. Unlike powerlifting, Olympic lifting competition is judged by one international committee.

Olympic Weightlifting is the only variety of weightlifting recognized by and competed in the Olympics! It is an awe-striking sport that few people understand and, yet, is perfect for making well-rounded, powerful athletes.

Some of the benefits of Olympic Weightlifting are:

– Increased Speed – Increased Coordination – Increased Explosive Power – Increased Vertical Jump – Higher Muscle Density – Increased Confidence – Injury Prevention – Sports Specific – Total Body Workout – Increased muscular strength and endurance

We are the first official Olympic Weightlifting Club in the state of Alaska! There are a lot of opportunities for athletes of all ages to excel.

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