Genetic Nutrition!

Vary and Enjoy!

Vary and Enjoy!

The top health issues of America: Obesity, hearts disease, diabetes and neurological disorders (like ADD, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s)  are all issues that can be reduced and or eliminated with the correct diet. To say it another way, the rise of these issues over the last 70 years is related to the unhealthy habits of the American diet and food industry. These health problems are the bodies response to inadequate and toxic nutrition.

CrossFusion supports fully adaptable nutrition plans that are unique to each individual. The biochemical makeup and genetic requirements of each individual are different. Therefore, a one-size-fits-all approach to nutrition is not going to be 100% successful. On average, popular one-size-fits-all nutrition programs are at most 65% successful: imperfect! That is UNSUCCESSFUL for the other 35% of the population, leaving them discouraged with unmet goals.

Successful nutrition is genetic nutrition- unique to your bodies’ specific needs. Our nutrition plan is very specific to you as an individual and you will have step-by-step guidance and support to tailor a diet regime that satisfies your unique metabolic needs allowing your body to find its’ natural equilibrium, producing a totally refined you. Along with this, you will have solid coaching on the truth behind the mysteries of health and fitness that are specific to your training goals.

If you need help developing an all-new grocery list and meal plan to totally remake your eating habits Contact us today!

Some physiologist, nutritionists, and trainers like to get really specific about the correct balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories) for a properly balanced diet. The body goes through its own seasons and cycles as well as the fact that physical exertion varies one meal to the next. If physical and mental exertion varies so will the bodies’ fuel needs. All of this is going to require the balance of macronutrients to change. If the balance is NOT adjusting and varying as the body goes through changes you will suffer results of malnutrition regardless of how minor. CrossFusion teaches proper nutrition based on your bodies biochemical, genetic and seasonal needs.