What is CrossFusion Fitness?

CrossFusion is a fitness program that is based on the science of fitness and community. We understand that fitness needs to be fun, challenging, measurable, observable, repeatable and ever increasing. We also understand that those who would be our fitness coaches need to practice what they preach and inspire us to new levels of physical and mental achievement through positive encouragement and synergistic atmosphere of camaraderie and healthy competition. If a fitness program does not offer this kind of support you will not be coached/mentored to your greatest potential.

CrossFusion exists to continue advancing the science of exercise, human movement and human performance to new levels while making a positive change in the life of our community both local and global. Crossfusion is fitness programming that is designed to change people for the better and offer innovative activity for EVERYONE!

Join us and find out just how life-changing real fitness results can be! Join us and reach a new level of athletic and leadership potential!

We currently have classes including:

Whole families, moms, dads, kids

Middle school, high school and college athletes of various sports

Grandparents, senior citizens, rehabilitating and post-rehab individuals

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