Why You Should Try IT?!

The fitness-centered is one of the most fun and healthiest communities you could be a part of. The encouragement and drive you will find there is unprecedented. Many people try to be the “lone-ranger” when it comes to fitness, but we are more likely to reach their goals quicker and easier if they had a fitness-centered community. True potential is more likely to be seen and reached with an excellent coach who would push them toward it.  Some people like to do it the “cheap” way. They wonder why they should pay for a coach who has more experience than they do- a trainer who will be watching their movements and program for safety, efficiency, and efficacy. They wonder what the benefit would be in having such accountability, knowledge, and insight that would help them reach levels even beyond their goals! After all, with a one-weekend certification and maybe some YouTube videos they can know enough to coach themselves! That is true. They CAN know enough to coach themselves but USUALLY that coaching is NOT going to be good enough to reach the level of outstanding potential that lies within them. They will always be settling for less without a coach. It is for and with good reason that those who are among the best in the world at ANYTHING (sports, business, entertainment) have a coach. If mediocrity is your thing, you and your friends can coach yourselves. If you want to be excellent then get a true coach and be part of a community of excellence AND take your friends with you. Without a community of excellence and without a coach who looks for it, average is likely to end up being your best.

There are so many competing ideas and philosophies in the world of fitness. First, we need a definition of fitness so we can at least begin to weed out the philosophies that don’t fit our goal of being fit. Being strong is not being fit. Having a six-pack is not being fit. Losing 15 pounds is not being fit. Being able to do more work than you once did and doing it faster than you did before is, in fact, improved fitness- plain and simple.

Example: John once moved 100lbs of groceries from his car and upstairs in 15 minutes, while in a hurry to get to an appointment on time. He nearly passed out. After 8 weeks of training with CrossFusion, John now moves 150lbs of groceries from his car and upstairs in 10 minutes and still has the energy to do more. Not only does he do more work, but he also does it faster. John now has proof of being more fit than he once was. Obviously, he must be stronger and, secondarily, losing weight and seeing his body tone up will be natural side-effects of his new fitness level.

John, will be able to avoid all the nutrition schemes and programs that may work for some goals, but not for people who just want to be fit. He doesn’t want to eat like a bodybuilder or like a marathoner, UNLESS that is the type of person he wants to become and the kind of body he wants to have. John’s coach and community will already have nutrition guidelines in place, from experience, to minimize the guess-work and maximize results for fitness.

With his new-found fitness, John knows he can do anything he wants to. He can go run a half-marathon if he chooses to. He could enter a powerlifting or weightlifting competition if he wanted to. He could enter a fitness competition. He could participate in a CrossFit event also. Now that coaching and community have paid off in his physical fitness life, he may want to add new goals in his family and at work to his list of things to effectively and positively change. The CrossFusion program will give John the best overall foundation to pursue any sport or expression of fitness he may desire and move toward excellence. John has found new energy, reason and hope to be who he wants to be and do whatever he positively wants to do.

A lifestyle of true fitness with a fitness-centered community and a fitness coach who will be there with you every step and rep of the way is what your life deserves! It is the best, most efficient way to reveal and use the utmost of your genetic potential.

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