Fitness and Wellness

The prime purpose and value of Life is Life itself. ANYTHING you do that does not enhance or promote life is promoting the decay of Life- death. This includes the way you use your mind- emotions, and intentions. Sleep, nutrition, stress, and movement are the variables that will square the life curve.

Beneficial Lifestyle + Beneficial Movement= a Healing and Adapting Human (performance & potential)

Fitness and Wellness

1-      Learn to calm your mind.

2-      Exercise your body- this helps your mind fully take in new information since the body is more easily getting through each day.

3-      Eat well- you are dulling your mind and your body with what you are ingesting. This is a very slow process that moves in deceitful stealth with full treachery. It is a slow poisoning to death.

4-      Realize the way you treat yourself, including the things you ingest mentally and nutritionally show how much you care about yourself. Smoking and alcoholism are problems of the worst kind that eat away at you. They are the most obvious representation that you don’t care about your self.

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